Tahsin Mashroof Hossain Mashfi,  better known as Mashroof Hossain, is an Additional Superintendent of Police(Addl. SP) in Bangladesh Police.During his service in Dhaka Metropolitan Police he initiated and popularized the concept of public service through Facebook, which is now adopted by all major public offices in Bangladesh. He has helped implementing IT-based law & order services such as the “Dhaka Metropolitan Police App” and the “Digital Safe Zone”, both completely new concepts in Bangladeshi law and order scenario.During International Rohingya Crisis in 2017, Mashroof served as the special representative of district police in Bangladesh-Myanmar border at Bandarban Hill District, Chittagong.

Mashroof loves reading and collecting books.He has a personal library that contains more than 1000 books. His most treasured collections are the 43-part Sanskrit-Bangla edition of the Indian Epic Mahabharata (Haridas Siddhanta-Bagish) and and an autographed copy of “My 30 Year War” by Hiroo Onoda, which he collected from an old book shop in Tokyo.

Currently he is pursuing a two year Master degree in Public Administration at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. When not in class, you may find him binge-reading in the Harvard-COOP bookshop.