পর্ব ২ঃ My Physical Fitness Routine

Dear Readers,

Here are the instructions I followed to shed off extra weight:

1) After I crossed 100 kgs, I DECIDED to work on my physique. That is MOST important. If you decide to get fit, and if you MEAN it, nothing can stop you.

2) Now, to do rapid fat loss, 10-14 kgs in 4-8 weeks, you need to take some actions. First is to cut off all types of Sugar from your diet. Meaning, no cake, pastry, packet juice, sweetmeats, nothing. Avoid sweet fruits too. No compromise with it.

3) Next, white, unprocessed curb must be kept minimum. No white rice, wheat, bread, pasta, noodles. As carb you can eat oatmeals (available everywhere in markets) and brown rice. Remember, the carb need can be fulfilled by vegetables as well.

4) Do not starve. Eat chicken, vegetable, nuts,fish, whole eggs as long as you are hungry. Try to use minimum to zero oil while cooking. Whenever you are hungry, eat, but do not keep on eating when you are full. You can eat beef/mutton but keep it to the minimum.

5) One/two glass of warm water with lemon in the morning and before sleep. This is a massive metabolism booster.

6) Drink as much water as possible, minimum 8-12 glasses. This is extremely important. It will wash your body from toxic materials and tell your body to release stored water.

7) Exercise 30-60 minutes a day. This can be anything from jogging to playing football to home exercise. Make sure you sweat.

8) Sleep at least 6-7 hours, preferably 8. Your body needs rest to function well!!

9) Lastly, do know that in physical fitness diet it 90% and the rest is just 10%. You can never outweight a bad diet by over-exercising.

Remember, your body is like a temple, DO NOT treat it like toilet by putting unhealthy, junk food.

Physical fitness will change your life, help you fight stress and depression, make you a more successful person in every area of your life.



প্রথম প্রকাশিতঃ ৭ই মার্চ, ২০১৬