Mashfi’s Law for women‬

1. The moment someone you just got introduced starts spending money on you, do know that he wants to get into your pants. Don’t be Sunny Leone.

2. The moment a barely known guy suddenly tells you how messed up his life is, he is trying to get your sympathy. Don’t be Mother Teresa.

3. The moment a guy proudly tells you how many girls he has slept with before, that jerk is trying to sell you his “straight forwardness”. Don’t let him succeed as Casanova.

4. The moment your friend’s husband wants to support you during your post divorce loneliness, this fucker is a vulture. Don’t be a piece of dead meat.

5. The moment your too good to be true boyfriend asks you for financial help, he is a fraud. Don’t be a dumb-ass.

6. The moment you know that your man treats you like shit for 95% of times and hails you as a queen for the rest 5%, time to kick him off from your life. That 5% is just a trailer to keep you hooked

7.All men are dogs-Myself included.

8. Society does not pay your bills.Let them bark.

9. The moment your happiness depends on anyone but yourself, you are doomed to pain and disappointment

10. **What is behind you or what is in front of you is nothing compared to what is within you.No fate but what we make

(** no.10 is collected from a forgotten movie)