Mashfi’s Law for men‬

1) Accept refusal as gracefully as you accept consent.Its not the end of life.

2) NEVER force a woman. If you are a real man, you don’t need to.

3) Know what the hell you are doing in this earth, then do it well.Everything else, including women, is secondary.

4) Being attracted to a woman does not mean you have to be disrespectful. Show genuine respect, express your interest and you might get what you want. If not, follow law no. 1

5) If you can buy the heart of a girl with expensive gifts and sweet words, dont marry her. There is always someone with more money and sweeter words.

6) Only cheap men use money to “buy” the girls.The girls they buy are cheap too, no matter how beautiful they look like.

7) Love a girl for her personal achievements and qualities.Physical beauty is NOT one of them.

8) Don’t marry a girl for her father.You will sleep with her,NOT with him.

9) “I don’t want to be the product of my environment,I want my environment be the product of me”- Motto of all real men*

10) “I am the captain of my soul,I am the master of my fate”*

(*9 is from The Departed, 10 is from Invictus)